Make Moving Your Home or Office Easy

Choose our furniture assembly service in Youngsville & New Iberia, LA and surrounding areas

Setting up your new space can feel overwhelming. With all the desks and furniture to assemble and equipment to set up, you'll need some help to finish on schedule. That's where Advantage Movers comes in. We provide quick and skillful assembly and disassembly service in Youngsville & New Iberia, LA and surrounding areas. With more than 20 years in this profession, you can count on us to do the job right.

You can also work with us to:

Plan the layout of your office furniture

Put together modular stations and other furniture

Hook up washers, dryers and other appliances

Assemble furniture for any commercial or residential building

Pack up your furniture properly

You can come to us for a furniture disassembly service prior to your move, too. If you're moving to a new commercial building, we can prepare your furniture, equipment, and more for delivery. If you're moving homes, we can take apart heavy items, like beds, so they can be moved securely and reassembled. To find out more about our furniture disassembly service, reach out to us today.